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At Lowe & Company, we generally begin your case with a detailed consultation. We realize that your time is valuable, and it is important not to waste it. That’s why we ask for information prior to the consultation, such as detailed resumes of your education and work or business experience; family composition; and ties to Canada.

During the consultation, we will sometimes give you copies of Immigration Regulations or Policies, or articles on areas of concern, for you to review and digest. At the end of the consultation, we want you to be as informed as you can be about your options, the timing, the chances of success, and the costs of each option.

Why we start with a Consultation

There are 2 kinds of lawyers: “McDonald’s” lawyers, and the “Physician” lawyers. With the former, the client tells the lawyer what he wants, then the lawyer will give a quote, generally as cheap as he can, promising it as fast as he can. There are several problems with this approach. It assumes that the client knows in advance all of the options available; what his or her best course of action is; that all lawyers have the same knowledge and abilities; and that the client knows as much as the lawyer, because he or she is prescribing the solution!

No sensible person would tell their doctor what their disease is, what the cure is, and ask the doctor to give the lowest price for treating the condition that he thinks he has! Nor would you choose a doctor on the basis of the lowest price, because the consequences of failure could be fatal! But the strange thing is that many clients choose their immigration lawyers that way!

At Lowe & Company, we practice like Physicians, which is much more thorough. Most clients will have several Immigration options that they would qualify for, each with different requirements, conditions, processing times, and costs. We will look at your background in detail, and ask you questions which you may not have thought of; in fact, you may not even think them relevant, at first. We will then explore your objectives, including timing, business, and personal factors; and only when we have done that will we recommend the best course of action. We see Immigration regulations and treaties such as NAFTA, GATS, and others as tools to achieve our clients objectives. Some of the “tools” that we use are Work Permits; Provincial Nominee Programs; Skilled Worker Immigration; Business Immigration; and Study Permits!

The information on’s Web Site has been prepared so you may learn more about the services we offer. These materials do not constitute legal advice, and are not intended to provide specific advice about your particular situation. Because the law constantly changes and is subject to varying interpretations, we urge you to contact us regarding any specific problem you may have, and we advise you not to take, or refrain from taking, any action based upon materials in this Web Site without consulting legal counsel.

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